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Restaurant Spotlight:
Whiskey Kitchen in Virginia Beach

HR Growler Feb 4, 2015




Kevin Rowell had left the restaurant business after 30-plus years working in the industry: on the line, managing and even investing in them.

Driving home one day, he eyed an empty storefront on General Booth Boulevard.

Later that day, he told his wife, Delynda Woods, that they “were getting back into the business,” Rowell said.

Drinks get top billing at the Whiskey Kitchen

By Tammy Jaxtheimer
Virginian-Pilot correspondent
© August 25, 2014



The place, officially called The Circa 2014 Whiskey Kitchen, offers 45 varieties of bourbon, whiskey and scotch; 25 “craft taps” and an additional 20-something craft bottles and beers, including alcohol -free and gluten-free ones; a well-constructed, concise wine list is also available; and “craft cocktails” showcasing the whiskey. But the drink list is just the beginning of what The Whiskey Kitchen is about.


News Worthy

Did somebody say beer? | Whiskey Kitchen to host Green Flash welcome party

Pilot Online: July 21, 2016

Robyn Sidersky


Whiskey Kitchen is rolling out the welcome mat for the anticipated opening of Green Flash’s Virginia Beach brewery.

Kevin Rowell, who owns the restaurant with his wife, put a bug in my ear last week about an event the restaurant is hosting today that will feature several of Green Flash’s beers. With the run-up to the opening, you’ll probably see lots of local Green Flash events in the coming weeks.

Among the offerings are some of Green Flash’s rarest beers, according to the brewery’s Virginia district manager, Phil Shannon.



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